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Thousands* of people learn English Words with VOClab.
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The more you repeat an American English Vocabulary the better you will know it. VOClab will help you make the repetition just at the right time. Learn more than 4000 English (US) words in this easy to use and effective Vocabulary Trainer.

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Learning Mandarin has never been easier!

Effective Method

Spaced repetition algorithm in an easy to use application

Crystal Clear Pronunciation

Over 4000 English Words with high quality native speaker Audio

Mobile Apps

Get the VOClab Apps on your mobile phone and synchronise your learning

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Get Voclab as free Android App and learn comfortably when on the go.


Available February 2016

Get Voclab as free iPhone or iPad App and learn comfortably when on the go.

Android market

Available Now!


Available February 2016

Learn super fast with VOClab!

  • VOClab will calculate the best time to review a word and so that you utilise your study time most effectively
  • Learn more than 4000 US English Words from over 50 different categories.
  • Special algorithm that considers your personal learning character to speed up your memorization.
  • Our English flashcards software is especially designed for language learning, e.g. by giving options for word forms, levels of difficulty, phonetics etc.
  • We create high quality content with professional translators, teachers and native speakers
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How VOClab works


VocLab uses the spaced repetition algorithm in an easy to use application. We keep all the scientific and cognitive calculations in the background and just present you with the right word at the right time for your repetition. In order to optimize our algorithm for your individual learning character, you will not need to tweak complicated factors but we will just ask you a few simple questions (e.g. your age range) in order to maximize your learning benefit.

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From our Users

It's great that the app considers my age and how many languages I already learned to present the words at the right time for review.

Beta Tester

I tried many spaced repetition flashcard apps and most of them are really complicated to use. VOClab just beautifully works!

Beta Tester

I already have a good understanding of Spanish. VOClab lets me focus on the words that I am interested to study.

Beta Tester

Awesome. VOClab is so simple but powerful. I am learning so quickly with this App.

Another Beta Tester

You will find VOClab English extremely easy to use. We have put all the cognitive science and calculations in the background so that you can just focus on one thing: Learning English!

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What we believe in

We are a small team of language learning enthusiasts. From our own experience learning foreign languages, we know how hard and time consuming it is. When we looked at the rapid development of modern technologies like smartphones, internet and other things, it stroke us that most people still learn languages in a very traditional textbook style way

But the world has changed, so why dont we bring modern technologies into language learning. With VOClab we have embodied modern cognitive science in language learning and memorisation into an easy to use App. The program will adapt to your individual learning style and thus make sure you are learning in the most effective way. This will keep you motivated and in no time you will see tremendous progress.

Where can I get support?

If you have any technical problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact from. We will reply within 24 hours.

Help us to make VOClab even better!

If you have any feedback or suggestions on how to improve VOClab, please let us know. Lots of feedback from you has already made it into the App.

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Mobile Applications

VOClab also offers you mobile apps for learning on the go. Please have a look in the respective App Stores.

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Android market

Available Now!


Available February 2016

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