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How VOClab works

Once the program is setup, you will be reminded if words are due to be reviewed. At any time you can add new words to the review list. You can either just auto-add 20 new words or choose words from a specific category or level of difficulty (full version). If you auto-add 20 new words, the system will ensure that you first cover all basic words before you go into more advanced words. Therefore it will gradually introduce more difficult words.


The full version of VocLab contains more than 4000 of the most used words. We divide these words into four levels of difficulty. Therefore we ensure that you first learn the basic words of all categories before learning more difficult words. This will enable you to have a quick and sound understanding of basic conversations. Them step by step you will enhance this understanding with more advanced words.


Research has shown that learning words of particular subject areas is more effective than learning random words. Therefore in our full version, you can add words from a particular category (e.g. learn all days of the week). After the first initial presentation, words will be repeated based on the spaced repetition algorithm and therefore mixed with other words.

Active recall of words promotes learning directly and helps you to remember things longer. Active recall means that you have to mentally recall the correct word from scratch and then evaluate yourself. In VocLab, active recall is therefore the method of choice that controls our spaced repetition algorithm. However we have also recognized that effective learning is also supported by fun and quizzes. Therefore we have also added a multiple choice quiz that you can use additionally and try to test yourself.

We recommend that you use the auto-add Method for the first 2000 words in order to learn a sound foundation of the languages. Beyond these, we recommend that you focus on specific words from the word categories in order to build your specific expert knowledge. This way you can achieve the maximum understanding given your specific environment.