For the best VocLab experience, we recommend upgrading to a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox (12+), Safari (5+) or Internet Explorer (8+).


If you want to transfer your learning status to a new phone, you can use the synchronisation feature as described in our Synchronisation FAQ.

If you see "0 days" on all colored revirew response buttons on mobile it is due to the enabled "Stack 1 Free Cycles". This feature can be changed in preferences and allows you to set the number of times a word is repeated immediately before entering the standard review durations.

VocLab allows you to synchronise your learning status between your mobile phones and the website. To do so, please follow the following steps:

1) Create an Account on or from within the mobile app (under Settings menu)
2) If you created the account on the web, login from your mobile device with your username and password
3) Once you are logged in, a new button will appear under in the main menu of the voclab App. Clicking this button will synchronise your mobile device with the website

If you have several mobile devices, please follow from step 2) for each additional device. It is then important that you synchronise your learning status every time before and after you study on a particular mobile device.

If you like to completely reset your learning data, in the settings of the web application and also in the settings of the mobile apps, you find a button called "reset database".

Please be aware that you can NOT undo this action and you will loose all your learning statistics, stack statistics, own words etc. Basically you will get a completely cleaned up account.

If you have enabled sync, you need to reset both website and mobile app at the same time. Otherwise the sync might transfer the old data back.

If you get an error during sync to check your time/date it means that there is a discrepancy between your time/date on your device and our server. Please note that already a small discrepancy can lead to this error.

To rectify please do the following:
- Go into date and time settings on your mobile device and set it to automatic. Please also ensure that the time zone is correct.

You can add your own words/audio to voclab and then synchronise to your mobile:

1) Login into or create a free account
2) Go to words, own words and add your own words and categories
3) You can also bulk upload a number of words and add audio clips
4) Synchronise your new words to your mobile phone

Please note that your newly added words are not automatically in the review. So you need to manually add the words that you plan to review.

We are constantly improving the VocLab Scripts and eliminating mistakes. However in the case you want to edit an existing word you can do so.

If you use our website for studying, there are links in the Review, Multiple Choice Quiz and Sticky List to edit the words. Editing will then hide the old (wrong) word and give you the edited instead. Please note that when you edit the target language, there will be no longer sound played.

Editing from Mobile Phone
1) Please first setup synchronisation as described in this FAQ.
2) If you find a mistake on your phone, add this word to the sticky list
3) Then synchronise your phone
4) Login at and go to the sticky list
5) There you will see the word and you can edit/correct it
6) Hit synchronise again on your mobile phone in order to transfer the corrected word back to your mobile phone

In the standard settings, each word will be presented in two different directions. So lets assume you are French and you learn Mandarin. Then you will see the words in the direction French -> Mandarin and Mandarin -> French. These word pairs are treated separately and therefore you will encounter each word twice. If you put both on the drop list, you will see two entries from the same word, but each representing a different direction.

In the Full Version of VocLab App you can set the direction of new words and you can add new ones only in one direction, this will then lead to the fact that you have only one word in the word list.

Some of our Applications use the in-App purchase functionality. The respective App Stores (Google Play, iTunes etc.) will remember if you have once purchased our full version.

So even if you uninstall and reinstall the App you will be able to recover the full version without paying again. This will happen either automatically or you can click the "restore" button in the payment screen (top right).

Kindly note that the reactivation of the full version on Google Play might take a few hours.

Please ensure that you are on the correct login page. All the languages you can learn with VocLab require separate user accounts. So if you have an user account for VocLab Spanish you need to click first on the Spanish Flag on our website and than use the login on the next page. You can always see on which page you are with the icon on the top left side.

If you still encounter problems, please contact support via our contact form.

If you want to learn more than one language, you need to create separate accounts. Just go to the homepage at and then select the language you like to learn and then click on the sign-up page.

Own words are automatically added to the reviews. Therefore the categories of own words will always show 0 words left (as no word is left to be added to the reviews). So this is normal behaviour after sync.

On your mobile device, you can select the list of these dropped words from the "Lists" menu item and then select the dropped words with the selector on the top right. Tabbing on the word opens a menu and allows you to undrop the word.

If you use our website for learning you can login there and then click on your username on top right and then dropped words. Clicking on the small recycling button will put the dropped words back to the normal reviews.

We use the articles e.g. "the" only in languages which uses different kind of definite articles. English has only "the" whereas in German there is "der", "die" and "das". Since it is then important to learn the correct article associated to the noun we show it there. However as English has only one, "the" we do not show it.

In case you have successfully synced your device with the web version but you see small discrepancies (e.g. in edited words), the following might help.

1) On your device go to Preferences
2) Scroll down and click "reset database". This will make you loose all data on the mobile. So do this only if you have valid data on the web, i.e. you have already successfully synced in the past.
3) Press sync again. The first sync might take a few minutes as all data from web will be transferred back to your device.

In case you have permanent sync errors, sometimes this is due to corrupted data on your device.

IMPORTANT: Please do this procedure only if you have had a recent successful sync on your device and the data on the website at is up-to-date

1) Login into your account at and check if your data on our server is up to date
2) On your device, go to Settings, Preferences and then scroll down and click on the red button "Delete Database". This will delete all content on your device. So do this only if you have your data also available on our website.
3) After you have deleted the data, press sync again to get the data from the webserver back to your device.

In many cases this solves certain sync errors.