For the best VocLab experience, we recommend upgrading to a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox (12+), Safari (5+) or Internet Explorer (8+).


The main aim of VOClab is to help you learn Vocabulary in the most effective way. It therefore uses the spaced repetition method to calculate the best time to review the word.

The review mode is based on the active recall approach. This means that you first see the word in one language. Then you need to mentally recall the word in the language pair. After you have recalled the word in your memory, you tap the black bar in order to see the correct answer and evaluate yourself. In the evaluation you have 5 different buttons at the bottom which are explained in the following:

Evaluation (green, yellow, red buttons)

With the easy, so so and hard buttons you can time the next repetition of the word. If you have easily recalled the word it will be repeated after a longer period than a hard to recall word.

Dropped Words (black button)

If you are presented with a word that you definitely already know for sure, you can use the drop button and it will no longer be repeated. You can use the same button for words that you do not wish to learn.

You can see a list of your dropped words in the settings menu and there you are also able to move the dropped word back into the review cycle.

Sticky Words (blue button)

If you are presented with a word that you want to bookmark because i.e. it is very hard to learn, you can select it with the sticky button. You can then access the sticky word list from the main menu. In this list you can then also remove specific words.

Add New Words to Review Mode

After you have reviewed all the due words for the day you should add new words to the review list. To do this, just select Add new Words in the main menu. We recommend using the Auto-Add method for the first 2000 words to get a solid foundation for vocabulary. After this, we recommend that you build up specific vocabulary by adding specific word categories you are interested in.

The Multiple Choice Quiz mode engages you in a fun quiz that allows you to test yourself and see how well you have learned the new words. Please note that the Multiple Choice Quiz does not influence the spaced repetition algorithm when you need to repeat words.